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LÅR is a playful show, a tribute to the thighs where they get to glitter, giggle, be recognised, questioned and appear self-evident! The thighs are tired of being in the shadow, tired of being ignored and associated with feelings of embarrassment and annoyance. The thighs can change shapes and size like no other body part, they can jump, jiggle, change direction, twist, rub against each other, hug and wrestle. Now it is time for the thighs to shine, to break free, come into the light to show their potential for movement and looks. Finally they get to play the main part!


LÅR might be the beginning of something, a thought that awakes, a feeling that is recognised, cellulites and jiggling movements that are allowed to be - and that are affirmed as such. LÅR is a dance performance by two dancers, four thighs, to the beats of pop music.


Target group: From 12 years


Authors, choreography and dance: Jilda Hallin och Lisa Nilsson

Directing assistance: Sara Ribbenstedt

Light: Ronald Salas

Soundmix: Truls Nilsson

Costume: Klara Thorselius

Voice: Lena Bondeson

Photo: Graham Adey

Film: Gustav Olsson

Graphic design: Julia Westerberg

Premiere: 15th of May 2018 Barnens Scen Malmö


Thank you: Alex Nagy, Tomas Larsson, Lisa Spets, Matilda Henningsson, Anna Grip, Hanna Falk, Petra Nilsson, Anna Petersson, Danscentrum Stockholm, Danscentrum Norr, Ell Spatio, Dansstationen, Stockholms Dansfilmfestival, Tegelscenen, Kultur i Väst, Feministisk Festival Malmö.

LÅR(THIGHS) is produced by KROPPSKLUBBEN with support from Kultur i Skåne and Malmö Stad in cooperation with Rum för Dans, Dunkers Kulturhus, Danscentrum Norr and Danscentrum Syd.


Download our leaflet here

LÅR trailer

LÅR trailer


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