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KROPPSKLUBBEN (the body club) celebrates the body!


KROPPSKLUBBEN uses movement to explore the body, twisting and turning it around in order to experience it from different angles. With positive energy, care, love and humour we tend to those parts of the body that are generally seen as embarrassing, taboo-ridden, or that have been neglected. Feminism forms the basis of our work.


KROPPSKLUBBEN is an independent dance and performing arts group based at Kulturhuset Mazetti in Malmö, Sweden. KROPPSKLUBBEN was founded in 2015 by freelance dancers and choreographers Jilda Hallin and Lisa Nilsson, who met and started collaborating while enrolled in the The Bachelor’s Programme in Dance Performance at the University of Dance and Circus  (DOCH) in Stockholm, Sweden. 


KROPPSKLUBBEN likes coffee, sweat, and to colour-coordinate!


LÅR (THIGHS) and workshops are available in English.

Contact us for more information.

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